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The five

What are the five key points I need to look at?

Cleanup on eye two

Keep your makeup remover handy when you're applying makeup. In the event of an “application error,” a bit of remover on a cotton swab will quickly take care of that errant smudge.

Don't do it!

No matter how tired you are or how exhausting your day has been, never go to bed without removing your makeup. Besides the damage to your bedding, leaving your makeup on will clog your pores, leading to a host of skin problems.

Eye for an eye

Makeup removers are specifically formulated for different parts of your face. Never use an eye makeup remover on the rest of your face, or a face-specific product around your eyes.

Built to last

Waterproof mascara can be particularly difficult to remove—select a waterproof makeup remover for the best results. If all else fails, try a bit of baby shampoo on a cotton swab.

Soap is not enough

Regular skin cleansers can leave your face dry and irritated. Makeup removers are designed to be effective, yet gentle on the skin.

Shop talk

What are the terms and definitions I need to know about?

Application Type

Make up remover can be applied using a number of techniques. For broad areas, a liquid or foam may be appropriate. For more precise cleaning, a cloth or stick applicator is more appropriate.


To leave your face relaxed and ready to rest for the night, select a calming scent like rose or jasmine. Sensitive to added fragrances? Scentless makeup removers are readily available.


Makeup removers are formulated for specific tasks and areas of the face, so select your products accordingly. Waterproof makeup removers are very effective for removing mascara, while using eye makeup removers on the rest of the face can irritate the skin.

Makeup Remover Basics

A quality makeup remover should be an essential player in your beauty regime. Even if you've had one of those golden days where your makeup stays perfect from the first cup of coffee to the last kiss goodnight, you'll still have to take it off before bed.

Leaving makeup on while you sleep will clog your pores with foreign particles; this sorry state can lead to blemishes, irritated skin and even infection. For the health of your face, it's crucial to give your skin a chance to breath and recover.

While normal skin cleansers can remove makeup in a pinch, they'll lead to dry skin over time. Also, skin cleansers can be particularly irritating around the eyes. Makeup removers are specifically designed to cleanse while being gentle to the skin.

Know Your Type

Makeup removers are designed for specific tasks and areas of the body; it is important to select the right product for your intended application and body feature. Using the wrong product will make clean up more difficult and can lead to blemishes and skin irritation.

Makeup removers designed for the face tend to be water based, which is fine for removing foundation and lip products. Eye makeup removers, however, tend to be oil-based formulas to remove heavier liners and mascara.

Waterproof makeup removers are specifically designed to remove waterproof mascara and other waterproof makeup. You may need to switch to all non-waterproof makeup if you find these types of makeup removers irritating to your skin.

Keep Makeup Remover In Its Place

While not requiring as much precision as applying makeup, give some consideration to how you'll apply makeup removers. We're talking cleansers here—even the mildest makeup remover can be irritating if it gets in your eye or comes in contact with other sensitive areas. Here are some of the most common makeup remover application types:

Liquid. Great for wide area coverage, liquids are also easy to apply if you use cotton swabs, balls or pads.

Gel. The ultimate in precision application, gels stay where you put them, making them great around sensitive areas and for removing stubborn products like eyeliners and mascara.

Foam. Another good product for wide area coverage, a little foam tends to go a long way.

Pad/Cloth. Pre-loaded makeup remover pads and cloths offer the ultimate in convenience, saving you time and providing the product on an applicator that allows for a good bit of precision.

Stick. A great choice for reaching those hard-to-reach areas around the eyes.

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